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Why choose Placement Premier Soin to boost your healthcare career?

During the past 10 years, Placement Premier Soin has risen to the top of the list of health agencies in Quebec. Our secret: Making innovative managements concepts the heart of our business by putting the company’s most valuable resources – our healthcare workforce – at the forefront. This shines a spotlight on our best asset while providing an outstanding employment experience. A win-win philosophy for our clients and healthcare staff alike!

Neo-management at Placement Premier Soin

For the management staff at Placement Premier Soin, neo-management isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a set of concrete actions that can improve the lives of people, especially those of our employees. Concrete actions such as not requiring a minimum of available hours increase employee satisfaction, but also does the same for the work environment of our clients. Our employees have more free time to focus on their favourite family activities, along with their personal growth.

Policies that allow true work-life balance are often impossible to implement in the current health network. As proof of this, hardly a week goes by without mention of the deplorable conditions experienced by staff in the healthcare sector. To correct the situation, our agency acts as a type of buffer by offering intelligent alternative solutions, while meeting the needs of our clients. As mentioned earlier, this win-win philosophy benefits everyone by emphasizing the values ​​of respect, integrity, empathy and excellence that come naturally to those who work in healthcare networks.

Putting multimedia tools at staff’s fingertips

This openness and flexibility offered to staff are made possible by the advanced computing tools we put at their fingertips. IT tools designed to provide unparallelled flexibility and investment options, such as our GPSH application, for example.

These tools ensure both the sustainability of the company and the commitment of the staff. In addition, to begin with, they offer our clients financial options and, by the same token, allow the agency to rise above the competition. These tools also ensure pleasant, stimulating and rewarding working conditions.

In short, Placement Premier Soin and its employees are aligned in promoting prosperity, integrity and the satisfaction of a rewarding career. In the field, this translates to the freedom that allows our nurses and other our healthcare staff to focus 100% on their patients and their care.

Collaboration that pays off for everyone

More than a concept, communication is also at the heart of Placement Premier Soin’s activities. For example, a Committee of Excellence has been created in collaboration with all employees from each of the business areas, to introduce, evaluate and better develop internal and external practices. Better communication that’s worth its weight in gold for both employers and staff.

Best of all, this great initiative prevents our care staff from being placed in uncomfortable or difficult situations. For example, at no time will our staff be asking to comment, negotiate or file complaints regarding an employer. The Committee members are well-trained and are highly equipped to deal with critical situations that are often beyond the control of the healthcare staff. Here again, best business practices are in place, allowing you to be worry-free and to dedicate yourself to your work as a nurse, patient attendant or other type of healthcare professional.

A well-defined engagement policy

Placement Premier is in constant evolution, enabling you to blossom in a top-tier, professional environment so that you can accomplish your tasks in an optimal working environment. Your work is challenging – and it’s crucial. As a result, naturally we strive to make your professional life as problem-free as possible.

As proof of its unwavering respect for its employees and their commitments, Placement Premier Soin allows you to work in various agencies in order to maintain relationships with your friends or other people dear to you. In short, by joining our large family, you will work in an agency that welcomes you with open arms, takes into account your personality traits, and takes care of you in the same way you take care of your patients.

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