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Schedule management: Much easier in the private sector!

Working conditions for healthcare workers in the public sector are often criticized in the media for being inflexible and unattractive. Think about jobs often offered as part-time night shifts, evenings or, even worse, in rotation. However, in an agency, it’s quite different! At Placement Premier Soin, schedule management is easy, very flexible and are adapted to your personal and family life.

At the beginning of your career, you can have full-time daytime work!

One of the problems in the public healthcare network is that job assignments are based, among other things, on seniority. Thus, to obtain a good position, for example, full-time daytime work, one must accumulate a decade of experience. This is often discouraging at the beginning of a career, especially in the first years of practice when you want to start a family and you have to work part-time, evening, nights or evening rotations.

At Placement Premier Soin, we have so many different opportunities that we can offer assignments that suit your needs in every way. You can work according to the schedules that interest you. Full-time is available, in addition to day shifts. This allows for personal time to enjoy activities, exercise, dining with friends, etc.

Family is priority

In the public sector, schedules are established and can’t be changed. In the private sector, you can set your own schedule by providing your availability. The agency then offers mandates, assignments or replacement jobs that fit well into your schedule, according to the work environment and departments in which you wish to work.

Thus, working at Placement Premier Soin allows you to arrive in time to pick up your children at daycare or school. You can help your children with their homework and courses. You can prepare dinner in peace. This means real quality of life with your family … Imagine your dream family life: finally this can be yours by working with an agency. You won’t constantly be afraid of being late, and you’ll be there for children’s parties, special occasions, Christmas, Easter, etc.

In an agency, it’s easy to change your schedule. You can finish an assignment and start a new one to make your schedule easier … No need to go to the head of unit and negotiate a replacement. No one on the team will be upset about you’re having to take sick leave, because you can’t be replaced. You’ll finally be able to share family duties with your spouse when the children are sick, and be there when it really counts!

Take your vacation whenever you want

Has it been years since you’ve been able to take your vacation at the same time as your spouse? Unlike working in the public sector, working privately, vacations aren’t based on seniority. At Premier Soin, since you arrange your own schedule, you can take your vacation whenever you want! You can easily sync up your holidays with those of your spouse and decide to opt for part-time work when your children are on vacation during the summer. About as good as it gets …

Avoid traffic by working outside of peak periods

With an agency, forget the usual constraints, the traditional 8 am to 5 pm; you can work outside peak traffic times by choosing assignments that suit your location. At Premier Soin, we have a wide variety of opportunities that will allow you to get a job within a reasonable distance (10 to 30 minutes) of your home. In addition, you can split up your hours by working at home, allowing you to bypass rush hour.

Do the math: In Quebec, on average, we work about 228 days a year. If you travel 2 hours a day to work, you’re losing more than 57 days per year, almost 2 months of work! Thus, choosing to work at Premier Soin gives you the opportunity to have time for yourself – for leisure, exercise, to enjoy your everyday life!

An app dedicated to schedule management

Because the management team of Premier Care is committed to the well-being and optimal health of its employees, with the help of experienced programmers, they have developed an app called GPSH, designed to make your life easier. daily!

application en emplois en soins infirmiers

As a member of our team, you’ll be able to:

  • Access your employee file
  • Manage your availability
  • Manage your schedule in advance
  • Get ​​alerts and see jobs, replacements and assignments
  • Accept a new mandate in just one click
  • Communicate in real time with an advisor (chat)

This extremely user-friendly and intuitive app is available on smart phones, tablets and computers. In addition, our programmers regularly update it by adding new features.

In short, working in an agency means giving yourself the chance to have a true family life and a personal life. At Premier Soin, work-family and work-life balance isn’t a dream that our employees aspire to, but a reality they experience on a daily basis!

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