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Placement Premier Soin’s Occupational Health and Safety Department: getting even closer to its resources

In order to better follow up with its resources and set up new projects, the Placement Premier Soin’s occupational health and safety (OHS) team is expanding. Cloé Chevalier-Fortin joins the group as the department manager. She says she feels like Cinderella in her glass shoes and for her, taking care of her resources means helping them shine in their galaxy.  

Cloé, you head the occupational health and safety (OHS) department at Placement Premier Soin. How long has this department existed?

Placement Premier Soin has always had an OHS department. My addition to the team will allow for closer follow-ups with our resources.

What motivates management to continue developing the OHS department?

Quite simply to align with the family values of the company. It has always been important for Placement Premier Soin to promote health and wellness with its resources, to show them that we are there to provide them with the support they need, when they need it, because for us, they are not just numbers. 

The idea is to be there for them as soon as there is a situation, to advise them and direct them to the services available according to their problem, and to ensure a quick follow-up.

We want to make our resources aware of the importance of prevention and offer them the necessary tools to do so.

What is the OHS department mission?

To promote health and wellness among our resources. The better they feel, the more they will want to work and provide good services to our clients. “The better your core is, the more you shine in your galaxy”. We focus on prevention because, as they say, prevention is better than cure. 

What are the advantages of having an OHS department for your resources?

– To feel recognized and accepted as they are; 

– For us, they are not just numbers; 

– At Placement Premier Soin, we understand that we are all human beings, and that it happens sometimes that we don’t do well, that a situation in our personal life makes it impossible for us to work well;

– Measures to support their wellness;

– Access to advice when needed and referral to resources adapted to their particular situation.

In what situations can one call on the OHS department?

There really is a wide range of situations in which a person can call on the OHS Department. The occupational health and safety department will manage preventive withdrawals, everything related to disability and health insurance, unemployment, SAAQ (in case of car accident), work accidents, without forgetting everything related to COVID-19 of course.

What concrete measures have been taken to prevent or at least minimize OHS problems?

There are many OHS projects coming up, but I can already say that as soon as we are informed that a resource has a problem, we call them to check on them, to make sure they have everything they need and that they are well taken care of. The same is true when a person does not show up for a shift or cancels it.

In order to prevent burnout and allow our resources to take time for themselves and their families, we make sure that they do not exceed 40 hours per week.

We are currently working on a large project that will focus on prevention and training. This project will be coming soon and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!

How do you see the future of the occupational health and safety department?

I would like people to call spontaneously when they need to talk, get advice and be directed to the right resources. I also see an even greater proximity with our resources. We would like them to grow with us.

I imagine that you already have many files on the table, what are the priorities of the department for the next few months?

– Make the department and its mission better known to our resources;

– Be present and easily accessible;

– Focus on prevention and training;

– Make available to our resources a series of articles focused on prevention, wellness, psychological health, lifestyle habits and support resources.  

To ensure that our content meets their real needs, we ask our resources to share with us the themes that they find relevant and that they would like us to address in the near future.

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On a more personal note:

Tell us more about yourself Cloé, your background before Placement Premier Soin

I studied socio-cultural animation and sociology. Then I specialized in health and safety at work and I was hooked. I am passionate about everything that has to do with prevention, the law, interhuman and intercultural relations, in short: the human being. I have worked in the community, in the public sector and here I am again in the private sector. In my younger years, I was even a French instructor in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

What led you to OHS?  

People, relationships with the environment. I try to put myself in people’s shoes and to understand them. Empathy and open-mindedness are fundamental values in my personal and professional life; they guide my actions on a daily basis.

Being the head of an OHS department is a big responsibility and a big challenge. How do you feel in this role?

I feel so much at home. But I am not alone, it is a team effort. I would like to thank all my fabulous colleagues! There is a very family-like atmosphere at Placement Premier Soin. One day at a time, I try to sow small seeds that will blossom over time. I feel a bit like Cinderella in her super comfortable glass shoes.  

What advice would you give to someone interested in working at Placement Premier Soin?

We are a big family that truly listens to our people. We believe that each employee has something to contribute from his or her background and experiences. People are valued and most importantly, there are opportunities for continued advancement for those looking to grow professionally. In short, there are choices, and we take the well-being of our resources to heart.

To join the Placement Premier Soin Occupational Health and Safety Department: 514-397-9962

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