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Social worker jobs

Looking for a social work placement agency?

Social workers have the benefit of collaborating with recruiters (or social work placement agencies) in their job search. Placement agencies in the social work profession play a crucial role in connecting employers with employees.

Social worker jobs available

Why work with a social work placement agency?  

On the one hand, social work placement agencies have established partnerships with health care organizations – like hospitals, CHSLDs, clinics, detention centers, and more – in the private sector that are always looking for new talent. Demand for healthcare professionals in Quebec is incredibly strong, for example, but navigating the hiring process and finding quality employment can still be a challenge, especially for a newcomer to the industry.

Placement agency professionals like Placement Premier Soin help fill the gaps in the hiring process between private sector organizations looking to fill positions and qualified employees looking for work.

On the other hand, social work and nursing job placement agencies collaborate directly with qualified social workers and nurses looking for new opportunities, directing them into the best available jobs the market can offer. Nursing job placement agencies are particularly influential in helping qualified nurses in Quebec find opportunities in the private sector.

In general, placement agencies act like professional partners for nurses and health care workers, always basing their employment suggestions on the employee’s area of interest, experience level, skill set, and other factors (like work-life balance).

In fact, progressive social work placement agencies like Premier Soin have built digital-first tools that allow nurse practitioners and other social work professionals to manage their employment options in a convenient and flexible way on their own. This in turn helps employers find and keep happy, healthy and professionally fulfilled nurses and health care workers on staff for years. It’s the best of both worlds!

With this dual role in mind, here are four major advantages to working with a social work or nurse placement agency in Ontario and Quebec:


Whether you have decades of experience working in the public and/or private sector or you are just starting out – the support in your next career move that a placement agency can offer is truly second to none. At Premier Soin, we are a social work placement agency that supports you on your professional journey by providing guidance and training along the way as you search for your first (or your next) employment opportunity in the healthcare sector.


Are you looking for part-time work or full-time? Do you want some control over your schedule? These options (and more) are available to nurse practitioners and other healthcare employees when they become part of the Placement Premier Soin family.

Career mobility

Since 2003 we have helped healthcare workers just like you build lasting careers in the healthcare sector. After consulting with your needs and ambitions, we make sure to provide you with the best opportunities the market has to offer in workplaces where you can develop new skills and advance your career prospects without compromising your mental or personal health along the way.

Healthy work environments – guaranteed

Social work placement agencies help bring nurses and other healthcare practitioners out of the job market and into a stimulating job, but not all jobs are created equal. At Placement Premier Soin we only work with private-sector employers that can guarantee safe and sanitary working conditions and reasonable expectations around work time.

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Placement Premier Soin allows me to work according to the schedule and availabilities that suit me, to take the holidays of my choice and offers me the opportunity to discover stimulating and varied work environments and to live enriching experiences while doing what I like the best, helping others.

— Annie Godin


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