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CLSC Nursing Jobs

Do you like helping your community and having individuals and families’ best interests at heart? Then consider looking for a nursing career in a CLSC (Local Community Services Centre) to make a difference in people’s lives. CLSC nurse jobs are in high demand throughout Quebec. There are many available positions to be filled across the province, making it a solid and long-term career opportunity.

Suppose you’re looking for stability with a flexible schedule and competitive pay. In that case, you might just be the person we’re looking for.

Placement Premier Soin, a private employment agency for healthcare professionals, is looking for nurses to perform optimal nursing duties in CLSCs, such as homecare, vaccination, medical clinics, etc. Our placement agency offers you advantageous conditions and opportunities that align with your career objectives.

Jobs available as a nurse in a CLSC

Advantages of Applying for CLSC Nurse Jobs

CLSCs provide community members with common health and social services and carry out public health activities in schools, the workplace, and homes. Applying for one of our CLSC nurse jobs will allow you to connect with patients of all ages and administer nursing treatments to restore health and prevent illness.

When you’re a valued member of the CLSC community, you work in stimulating working conditions. In addition, it will improve your quality of life by making you feel like you’re making a difference in the lives of your patients.

Advantages and requirements for a nursing job in CLSC with an agency

To apply for a nursing job in a CLSC for an agency, you need the following requirements:

  • To be a member of the OIIQ
  • A minimum of 1-year experience in a CLSC
  • The ability to multitask
  • Owning a car is a must for home care services

Why choose a Placement Agency like Premier Soin?

Choosing to emerge yourself in the professional world of nursing and healthcare means creating links with patients, establishing connections with your colleagues, and contributing to society. Placement agency professionals like Placement Premier Soin can help you in the recruitment process by aligning your skills with the perfect job for your qualifications.

We have established partnerships with healthcare organizations to fulfill the strong demand for nurses across Quebec. No matter if you’re a newcomer or an established professional, we take the burden of looking for a new job off your shoulders. By teaming with a placement agency, you’ll no longer have to navigate the complex and often confusing process of finding challenging and quality employment in Quebec. We service the entire province.

Why Apply for CLSC Nurse Jobs Through a Placement Agency?

Whether you’re looking for specific CLSC nurse jobs or choosing to further your career in the private healthcare system, working with Premier Soins can help you find the best position to align with your qualifications and career objectives. Some advantages include:


When you have a busy life, you need to find a way to consolidate your professional and personal goals. This is why pairing up with a placement agency like Premier Soin will help you gain control over your schedule. You’ll have the option of choosing between part-time and full-time work

Continuous Support

We believe in supporting you throughout your career so you can thrive and make a difference in people’s lives. So whether you’re new to the field or have years of experience, we provide guidance and training as we assist you in searching for your next career opportunity in the nursing sector.

Sustainable and Healthy Work Environment

When working in the healthcare sector, safe and sanitary working conditions are essential for the wellbeing of all healthcare professionals. At Premier Soin, we ensure that we only work with employers that guarantee safe working conditions for mental and physical health.

Working with an agency like Premier Soins brings a lot of additional benefits such as:

  • An advantageous compensation
  • Paid training
  • Updating your availability online through our app anytime
  • Ensuring a better life balance
  • Ability to work in multiple locations
  • Ability to work for multiple employers at a time
  • Exciting and varied mandates

We work in your interest to create pleasant, stimulating and rewarding working conditions that will improve your quality of life.

Next Steps for Applying for CLSC Nurse Jobs

Placement Premier Soin aims to foster the highest standards of integrity and principles of quality, diversity, fairness and ethics. Do you have questions before applying? Please visit our F.A.Q. section or contact us by phone at 1 877-822-9077, it will be our pleasure to answer all your questions!

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