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Work in an agency to combat routine and live life to the fullest!

Whether it’s public or private, more and more healthcare institutions are using employment agencies to recruit their staff. Whether you’re a nurse, nursing assistant or patient attendant, the trend is on the rise right now and it offers you a tremendous amount of benefits. In addition, agency salaries are often higher, without the constraints of a rigid schedule. Schedules are better adapted to work-family, work-study and work-life balance.

An agency position: a smart choice for new recruits

For those who have just completed their studies, agency work may be a good choice. You don’t have any experience? Do not worry, you’ll receive all the necessary training (orientation, continuing education, etc.) to start your career under the best possible conditions.

The advantage of working in an agency is having your choice of practice settings! After just a few months, you’ll have the opportunity to blossom in a brand new work environment. After a few years of practice, you’ll not only gain rich and diverse experience, but you’ll also have enough experience to choose the ideal work environment to properly secure your career. In an agency, you can say goodbye to a work routine, if you wish, and welcome new experiences in a work environment that you can master perfectly even in the early years.

Agencies: allies of frequent travellers

Agencies are continually in contact with leaders of the various health establishments in search of solutions to fill available positions and maintain the various services available to the public. The needs are enormous in many healthcare institutions such as hospitals, CLSCs and shelters in several regions of Quebec.

For example, an agency may have contracts in several different regions. Outdoor enthusiasts can work on the North Shore for holiday replacement or choose Quebec for its lively atmosphere and winter carnival. If there’s lots of room for internal transfers, you can also stay in the same healthcare facility for years, in the same department, without having to change jobs.

Even better, in addition to work schedules and the assignment of available positions, the agency  oversees all of the work of the various teams, ensures follow-up with the various health institutions, ensures the safety of all its health professionals, and sometimes even manages the housing issues.

This means even less stress when you change jobs and more fun discovering our beautiful province. It’s not uncommon to speak to a nurse who worked in an agency and had the chance transfer to work in a dispensary on the North Shore, in a CLSC in Bas St-Laurent, in a CHSLD in Abitibi, and in a hospital in Gatineau. All regions that offer breathtaking landscapes, but, most importantly, that offer exceptional living conditions.

True freedom for true quality of life

Do you care about your personal and family life? The many benefits that agencies offer in terms of work schedules allow you to train more, and enjoy work-family or work-study balance, in order to truly enjoy life. Working in an agency allows you to attend your children’s birthdays, plan get togethers with your partner, outings with friends, take your vacation at the same time as your spouse, etc. In short, to have real quality of life! Overtime doesn’t exist in agencies, allowing you to achieve your greatest happiness!

A wide variety of workplaces to avoid routine

One of the best kept secrets of agency work is having the opportunity to discover the many facets of your work. The placement opportunities are so numerous that you’ll be able to work in very different environments, such as penitentiaries, dispensaries, mines, private clinics, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, shelters, private companies, private services, travel agencies, pharmacies, home care, and more.

Finally, for those who prefer a more organized life, you can always opt for a position tailored to you, given the various possibilities that agencies offer.

Welcome to your new life adventured filled with rewarding experiences for a career that lives up to your expectations!

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