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Why choose our healthcare sector jobs?

Currently, in Quebec, the healthcare system suffers from a major labour shortage. More than 60,000 healthcare professionals are being sought for the next few years to fill nursing, nursing assistant or beneficiary attendant positions.

According to a statistical report from the OIIQ, employment agencies are the largest employer of Quebec nurses in the private sector, whether as primary or secondary employers. What explains this attraction for private employment? We give you the benefits of our jobs in the healthcare sector.

Join Placement Premier Soin for a unique adventure

Since 2003, we have created the best working conditions for the healthcare professionals we support. By joining our teams, you choose to benefit from all the advantages of the private sector and employment agencies.

You can now:

De bonnes raisons de travailler avec Premier Soin

More time for yourself

Manage your schedule as you wish. Working while studying or enjoying quality family time is now possible!

A dedicated team here to help you

Proactive experts, always available for you

Your availabilities at the tip of your fingers!

A custom-made application designed to facilitate all communications and information exchange.

Revive the flame

Find the enthusiasm that once motivated you to do this job.

No exclusivity contract

Work where you want and when you want!

Paid holidays and training

Enjoy the sun and stay up to date while getting paid!

Make your own schedule

Work part or full time according to your needs.

Enjoy and advantageous compensation!

Improve your salary by working in remote areas.

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By choosing a job in the private healthcare sector, you favour greater flexibility in managing your schedule. Placement Premier Soin offers you working conditions that meet your needs with: a balanced and equitably distributed workload, schedules without constraints or obligations and holidays when you need them! This flexibility gives you greater autonomy in managing your time. With this, you can more easily reconcile work-family and give yourself time when you feel the need. After all, your personal well-being can only favour your professional development!


At Placement Premier Soin, we believe that your function is important and that it must be considered and valued as such. As a professional, your work is essential for the proper functioning of healthcare services and it is important that your personal and professional value is recognized. The abundance of job offers in the healthcare sector gives you the opportunity to choose the working conditions that suit you. Placement Premier Soin makes it a point of honor to offer you conditions conducive to your professional development and that enhance your skills. Our corporate culture is based on the principles of respect, integrity, empathy and excellence.

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Working with an employment agency can offer you a tailor-made formula that is conducive to the development of your career. Placement Premier Soin will give you unique working conditions thanks to a wide choice of opportunities in the healthcare sectors that interest you with a possibility of mobility and short or long term mandates. By working with us, you can develop your skills in a stimulating environment with outstanding coaching. We consider healthcare professionals as rare pearls, your experience within Placement Premier Soin will be valued by our humane and respectful approach.


Our mission is to support you in your growth and professional development. Whether at the start of the journey or throughout your career, we seek to support you by offering you the best opportunities in the healthcare sector. Knowing that your desires and needs can evolve, you have the freedom to adjust your choices and availability. Placement Premier Soin also provides optimal support and guidance to start your career path. For your first job in the healthcare sector, you will already enjoy working conditions conducive to the development of your skills in a stimulating and exciting environment.

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Ready to embark on your next challenges?

Your professional success is our goal, join our team to propel your career in the working conditions you choose!

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