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What can you do with a nursing degree in Canada ?

The beauty of a nursing diploma is that it can open many doors. Being comfortable and successful in your field of work is essential. Luckily, your degree offer the opportunity to realize your potential in many ways.

What else can you do with a nursing degree ?

You’ve got your diploma in your hand, but the question “what can you do with a nursing degree” still seems to be on your mind? That’s completely normal! With a degree that can lead you across the province and that can also be relevant in all kinds of jobs, it would be a shame not to consider all of your options.

Que faire avec un diplôme infirmier au Canada ?

Nursing is practiced in many different environments. For example, it is possible to practice :

  • In hospitals
  • In a CHSLD
  • In a nursing home, either for the elderly or for the handicapped
  • In education as a school nurse
  • In a medical clinic
  • In pharmacies
  • In clinical research
  • In the Canadian Armed Forces

Even if the options are numerous, Placement Premier Soin can very easily guide you and find the environment that suits you best!

Is a specialization a good idea?

The popular belief is that a nursing degree leads to one thing only : being a nurse practitioner. That said, there are many specializations that can change preconceived notions about the profession.

What can you do with a nursing diploma? Lots of things! For clinical nurses, there are many possible specializations: primary care, intensive care, palliative care, geriatric care, public health, rehabilitation and chronic disease, mental health, general pediatrics, perinatal health, and more.

A specialization in obstetrics could also allow nurses to become certified lactation consultants. A specialist in clinical breastfeeding intervention and human lactation creates a connection with mothers and their babies.

Practicing with a nursing diploma everywhere !

What other jobs can you do with a nursing degree when you feel stuck? The hours are hectic, personal life can be difficult to balance, and the salary is not always consistent with the efforts invested. 

In Quebec, many remote regions are in dire need of nursing staff and are prepared to negotiate higher salaries and offer more appealing conditions.

Plus, changing territories can completely transform your profession.

Working in the regions can often offer more latitude in terms of responsibilities and working conditions. It could even make you fall in love with your job all over again.

In any case, Placement Premier Soin can help you find the perfect place to relocate, all on your terms.

Que faire avec un diplôme infirmier au Québec?

Is changing jobs a good idea?

Whether it be just after getting out of school or after gaining experience in the field, you may feel the need to reorient your career. The lingering thought of what to do after you’ve become a health nurse may still resonate.

Luckily, the skills needed to have a career in nursing are strong values and are useful in many health care professions. This guide can help you identify related jobs that require patient care.

A professional reconversion to jobs such as a social worker, a speech therapist, a psychologist, a audiologist, a psychoeducator, a dietitian and many others may be right for you.

Finally, whether you are in the very early stages of your career or feeling the need for change, Placement Premier Soin agents will help you find what suits you best by placing you in the private sector. 


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