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The advantages of working for an agency compared to the problems of the public system

The benefits of working as health professionals in agencies are very numerous. In the minds of Quebecers, it’s clear that it’s the healthcare workers who make the health system work. Unfortunately, as a result of fighting for better working conditions, nurses, nursing assistants, PABs, and auxiliary health and social workers, are often frustrated by the challenges of working with a complicated and ineffective administration.

Professionals at the end of their rope

Recently, Journal de Montréal published an article on overtime. Instead of applying the overtime law wisely, administrators with a lack of creativity decided to use it as a way to keep nurses working in hospitals. A CBC survey also reported that managers have been abusive by sequestering employees at the Saint-Brigid’s Home CHSLD and that abuses of power are rampant at Capital-Nationale Health Integrated Health and Social Services Centre.

According to the grapevine, more than 500 nurses report various negative situations. Worse still, the work done by a government to find a remedy is often destroyed by the next government and the wheel of misfortune continues to turn.

Recruitment agencies to the rescue of nursing professionals

For Placement Premier Soin managers, providing you exemplary working conditions is a priority. As a result, they focus on the day-to-day lives of healthcare professionals by offering them numerous challenges and a variety of work environments. For our managers, each problem is examined in order to innovate with sustainable solutions designed to improve the well-being of those who take care of the sickest among us.

Benefit 1: Innovative tools like the GPSH app

Innovative computer tools have been implemented at Premier Care to resolve the majority of scheduling conflicts and to manage the multitude of needs regarding flexible working hours. In terms of work-family balance, it’s essential to consider the various schedules of Quebec households. In short, you can really work when you want while having real peace of mind when your shift is over. You’ll have time to get to the daycare or return home to take care of what matters most to your family.

Benefit 2: Favourable remuneration

The generous remuneration of agencies contributes to the financial health of the home. Here again, with all the financial obligations of an average family, you have to focus on your job, rather than finding ways to make ends meet. If you have a part-time job in the public sector, you can fill up your hours at Premier Care, amounting to full-time work.

Benefit 3: A diversity of institutions and departments

Most professionals will tell you that each day of agency work is totally different from the next. They may be taking blood samples, applying or changing dressings, dispensing medication, providing hygiene care or performing various administrative tasks. In the public network, when you’re always performing the same tasks, tensions exist between patients or between certain employees.

In the long run, this underlying tension can undermine the work atmosphere, and also  undermine staff morale and diminish the pleasure of working in a particular institution. However, in an agency, you can easily and quickly change assignments when a mandate ends. Better yet, the satisfaction of meeting a new team and new people greatly boosts the sense of teamwork and improves the quality of work.

Benefit 4: Ongoing training and the opportunity to access various mentors

Working in an agency, you can have access to continuing education. At each new facility, nurses are required to have another set of services that often requires new skills. Agencies provide training in these new skills by providing nurses customized training.

At Premier Soin, various experienced nurses in the field can act as a role model or mentor for your career. Do you want to try experiencing a new department? We can pair you with a mentor who will guide you and reduce your worry.

Benefit 5: Professional Teamwork

In short, when nurses and other professionals choose to work for a healthcare agency such as Premier Soin, they have the opportunity for a rewarding career as part of a team. Colleagues who understand the daily challenges and provide concrete solutions to the various problems encountered. Finally, you can opt for happiness and flexibility, a fulfilling life and a rewarding career as you had imagined when you chose to work in healthcare.

Comparative tables of health professions in agencies and in the public network


Benefits of the private sector

  • Favourable and flexible schedules
  • Schedules determined in advance
  • Daytime hours
  • Permanent full-time positions available
  • Diversity of work settings

Disadvantages of the public sector

  • Overtime required
  • Evening and evening hours available at the outset
  • Permanent or temporary part-time positions at the outset
  • Consistent setting to maintain seniority

Nursing Assistants

Benefits of the private sector

  • Opportunities to work in hospitals, CLSCs or at home
  • Have time to care for patients
  • In private residential centres, the work environment is relaxed and well organized
  • Support of a dedicated resource person
  • Choice of schedule

Disadvantages of the public sector

  • Difficulty working in various practice settings
  • In-home work: high patient case load
  • In public CHSLDs, the work environment has a lot of stress and conflict
  • Little support available
  • Schedules imposed 


Benefits of the private sector

  • Can work in multiple agencies
  • Ability to easily change work environment
  • Very advantageous salary at the beginning of your career
  • Have time to care for patients

Disadvantages of the public sector

  • May be obligated to work in a single setting, assignment to a unit
  • Heavy bureaucracy: difficult to change the workplace
  • Low-level salary at beginning of the career
  • Too many patients per health professional

Health and social services support workers

Benefits of the private sector

  • Can work in multiple agencies
  • Very advantageous salary
  • Have time to care for patients

Disadvantages of the public sector

  • May be obligated to work in a single setting, assignment to a unit
  • Low-level salary at beginning of the career
  • Too many patients per health professional

At Premier Soin, we enable you to thrive in the best possible working conditions without the disadvantages of the current healthcare system. By keeping all possibilities open, you’ll truly be able to devote yourself to the wellbeing of your patients!

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