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What skills do I need to be a nurse

Asking questions about the workplace is a phase many people go through. Here you’ll find more information on the nursing skills required for any resume in addition to other occupations that include similar abilities. Whether you are confused or simply curious, this reading will help you understand the subject!

It’s completely normal to ask questions about your work environment.

Getting to know yourself first

Firstly, it’s essential to know your strengths and interests. A personality test allows you to take a few minutes to evaluate your fundamental values and learn about the jobs that are best suited for them. It’s also important to remember that a job complements our lifestyle, it does not portray us as a whole. It’s therefore common and normal to question yourself and having to rectify the situation during the course of your professional career.

Nursing skills for resume

Nursing emphasizes the love for human contact, problem analysis, problem solving and creativity. The profession of nursing emphasizes the love for human contact, problem analysis, problem solving and creativity.

Whether you have taken the personality test or not, keeping your strengths in mind, you can quickly see if you recognize yourself in this list of skills required to be a nurse: 

  • Sociability,
  • Autonomy,
  • Enjoys working in a team and with other professionals,
  • Communication skills in nursing
  • Resistance to stress,
  • Versatility,
  • Organization,
  • Sense of responsibility,
  • Needs analysis,
  • Adaptation to a variety of situations

Les compétences requises pour être infirmière

And if it’s not quite right…

The skills required to be a nurse are broad and can easily be applied to several other careers in the healthcare sector. Your education and experience as a nurse can be applied to many other professional disciplines.

Here is a chart that may help you situate yourself in terms of what you are looking for in a job.



I am ↓

Physical work Team work Solitary work Flexible schedule Stability Versatility Mobility Creativity Repetitive and set tasks
Licensed Auxiliary Nurse
Health and Social Services Assistant

Medical orderlies

Social Worker
Speech therapist

The right job in the wrong place

If you have the interpersonal skills of a nurse, like your job, but just don’t feel you’re in the right place, it’s possible to make changes.

Different work environments such as private practices and clinics, CLSCs, hospitals, readaptation centers or CHSLDs are available to you.

The impact of a change in location on your practice should not be neglected. Going to work in a remote region of Quebec could help you discover a whole new facet of the nursing profession.

This kind of change could entirely transform your relationship with your job!

Thriving in the workplace with the skills required to be a nurse

Professional reconversion is not a failure. If you have a nursing degree and feel the need to change the course of your career, our experts can support you and answer your questions.

However, you may not be completely certain that you want to change professions yet. In any case, going into private practice can help you make a smooth transition. If you are interested in this option, our agents are available to answer your questions.

*The feminine was used to lighten the reading.

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Healthcare professional development



Je suis ↓

Travail physique

Travail équipe

Travail solitaire

Horaires flexibles





Tâches répétées et fixes




Infirmier.ère auxiliaire



Auxiliaires aux services de santé et sociaux




Préposé aux bénéficiaires






Travailleur social