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The salary of a private nurse in the healthcare sector

What You Need to Know About a Private Nurse Salary

Loving your job is one of life’s most significant aspects. That said, when it…

Melissa 2021-08-31
Back to school 2021-2022

Back to school 2021-2022: a return to normal?

After a school year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, wearing of masks,…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-08-30
good lifestyle habits

Take advantage of the back to school to adopt good lifestyle habits

It’s almost back to school time. This time of year is often synonymous to…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-08-30
how to plan for your retirement in Quebec

How to plan for your retirement in Quebec today

It is never too early to start thinking about how to plan for retirement…

Melissa 2021-08-24
how to choose a professional financial advisor in Quebec

7 tips on how to choose a financial advisor in Quebec

New ambitions emerge at every stage of our lives:  going back to school, buying...

Melissa 2021-08-24
portrait d'infirmière

Portrait of a nurse from Placement Premier Soin

Mélissa Gagné, a Happy and Fulfilled Nurse! This month, we met with Mélissa Gagné,…

Lyna Carpentier 2021-08-17
rentrée scolaire

What can you do with a nursing degree in Canada ?

The beauty of a nursing diploma is that it can open many doors. Being...

Melissa 2021-08-12
emplois en soins infirmiers

Nursing to Another Career: What Can You Do?

The nursing trade is recognized as a noble profession; however, the responsibilities that come...

Melissa 2021-08-12

What skills do I need to be a nurse

Asking questions about the workplace is a phase many people go through. Here you’ll...

Melissa 2021-08-12
René Gerard, Placement Premier Soin

Meet René Gerard, Managing Director at Placement Premier Soin

René Gerard has been the Managing Director at Premier Soin Placement since 2010. He…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-07-08
top 2021 food trends

Top 10 Food Trends that will mark 2021

Looking for the latest food trends? The year 2020 has been marked by significant…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-06-28
Bike Circuits in Quebec

11 bike circuits for great hikes in Quebec

Searching for bike circuits in Quebec? Good weather is back! Nothing better to break…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-05-31
Sleep and flextime: 9 apps for better sleep

Sleep and flextime: 9 apps for better sleep

Did you know that there are apps to help you sleep better and deal…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-14
5 tips to help you choose the right bike

5 tips to help you choose the right bike

Spring is here, it’s time to get out the bikes and enjoy the nice…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-14
How to maximize tax return

How to maximize your tax return

It’s already tax season! Like everyone else, you’d like to pay as little as…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-14
revive the couple

Valentine's Day: Tips from a psychologist to revive couple in 2021

Between your family obligations, your work as a health care professional and the current…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
healthy cold lunch recipes

10 easy-to-make healthy cold lunch recipes

Looking for healthy cold lunch recipes? As a healthcare professional, you know better than…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
fitness exercises at home

Fitness at home: 12 exercises recommended by a kinesiologist

Are you looking for fitness exercises to lose the pounds you put on over…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
How to create magical moments for the holiday season

How to create magical moments for the 2020 holiday season

Until now, the holiday season has been synonymous with family dinners, parties with friends,…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
find the perfect Christmas gift

Find the perfect Christmas gift to spoil your loved ones

Have you started your holiday shopping? Finding the perfect Christmas gift isn’t always easy,…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
carrière en soins

My career, my priority!

For most healthcare professionals, practicing in the public health network means a fractured career…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
carrière en santé professionnels

Why choose Placement Premier Soin to boost your healthcare career?

During the past 10 years, Placement Premier Soin has risen to the top of…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
René Gerard, Placement Premier Soin

In the private sector, get more support when integrating into a new practice setting!

When you think about leaving the public sector to work in an agency in…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28

Can I work in an agency if I already work in the public sector?

Do you have a part-time job in the healthcare network? Are you tired of…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28