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Why choose our jobs in the health field?

Are you a nurse, orderly or a nursing assistant? Looking for a job in Montreal with favorable working conditions, but don’t know where to start? We have gathered information for you about the many benefits of working with a health placement agency.

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Work with a health placement agency and offer yourself new career opportunities

As you can see, our placement agency offers you innovative and unique working conditions in the health field. Consult our Guide to better understand the benefits and professional opportunities we offer


The most humane way of working in health

Schedule management tailored to your needs

Looking for professional opportunities that match your interests and don’t impose any time constraints? With Placement Premier Soin, you can finally choose the niches that correspond to you and enjoy a better work-family balance.

Day or night? You choose. Our goal is to offer you a simplified management of your schedules! Our jobs for nurses in Montreal and other regions of Quebec offer a great flexibility of schedules. Whether in the beginning, middle or end of career, you take back your schedule to shape it according to your needs.

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Facilitated integration in different practice settings

Do you fear practicing in a brand new workplace and not feeling at home? Professional coaching is an integral part of your placement formula. Whether it is to discuss your professional orientations or to ensure optimal integration into a new health sector, we’re here to help you!

Enjoy a unique philosophy, no matter the stage of your career, and advice from experienced people for all your professional questions. Working in a new sector and feeling integrated is now possible with Placement Premier Soin!

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Nursing placement agency: an alternative to public sector constraints

How often do we hear about nurse shortages or the absenteeism problems of health professionals?

A difficult and restrictive work environment imposed by the public sector pushes many nurses into burnout or discouragement.

To answer this problem, health placement agencies offer you an alternative to stay in your professional environment, while maintaining your personal balance! Learn more about the benefits of the private sector and our placement agency.

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Work in the private sector to offer yourself new working conditions

Currently, the working conditions in the public sector push nurses to the end. In addition, some nurses can not get full time and many professionals accumulate evening and night work hours, in a constant performance pressure.

However, we are happy to announce that alternatives exist! Nursing job offers that meet your criteria are now possible and new professional opportunities are available to you! We all know the difficulties of working in the public health network and try to propose alternatives in the private sector.

In this article you will learn how working in the private sector can bring you many benefits and offer you new career opportunities that you could not imagine!

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More flexibility and freedom in your workplace, are you interested?

Are you a free spirit and enjoy varied professional challenges? We have what you need! Working in an agency gives you the opportunity to vary your workplace and job sector. It is also an opportunity to offer you working conditions adapted to your rhythm, with holidays whenever you wish or a smooth career start!

Whether you want more mobility, have a variety of professional experiences or enjoy greater flexibility, health placement agencies will offer you the options that suit you!

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Identify your career priorities

Working in the healthcare environment in the Montreal area can be challenging. Whether in the public or private health network, working conditions are not always in line with your personal needs.

In this section, we show you the various benefits of our nursing jobs in Montreal and how they will help you design a career in your image. Find out how agency work offers career management services, personalized follow-up and a variety of workplace and regional opportunities!

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Working with the public AND the private sector, is it possible?

Many health professionals ask themselves the question: is it possible to combine a public position with additional hours in the private sector? The answer is yes! And this option offers you many benefits.

Placement Premier Soin offers jobs for nurses in Montreal who can fill a part time in the public, to allow you to have a complete time in your field. In addition, we propose mandates in various health sectors and regions of Quebec! By opting for the private sector, you offer yourself the choice of arranging your career as you please.

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Many practice settings to experiment

In the health sector, there are many areas of employment available to you. Whether in CIUSSS, RSSS, or private institution, the private sector offers you the opportunity to explore these different environments and to seize professional opportunities in each to perfect your experience.

In this article, we show you the different health sectors in which you can work with Placement Premier Soin. In addition, you will understand the benefits of working in an agency to discover these different workplaces. So, nurses, nursing assistants and PABs, this is your chance to explore!

Placement Premier Soin offers jobs for nurses in Montreal who can fill a part time in the public sector, to allow you to have a full time in your field. In addition, we propose mandates in various sectors of the health and regions of Quebec! By opting for the private sector, you offer yourself the choice of arranging your career as you please.

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A health placement agency at the heart of your concerns

Do you aspire to better working conditions for health professionals? We do too! That's why we have created an employment agency that cares about your well-being and wants to offer you the best working conditions and professional opportunities.

Our health placement agency has developed a brand new workflow for nurses, licensed practical nurses and orderlies. Discover a modern vision, based on neomanagement, and a work model adapted to your needs to build a fulfilling career.

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Find your next professional challenge with Placement Premier Soin

You are looking for a nurse job in Montreal? Do you want to complete your shifts? Take a tour through our job offers section to discover our different assignments with the description of the position sought and the regions served.

We regularly look for nurses who are members of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec OIIQ and members in good standing of the Ordre des infirmiers auxiliaires du Québec OIIAQ. So, ready for new business opportunities?


Let us help you unleash your talent to it’s full potential, thanks to our network of first-class partners.