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Portrait of a nurse from Placement Premier Soin

Mélissa Gagné, a Happy and Fulfilled Nurse!

This month, we met with Mélissa Gagné, a 29-year-old nurse who has been with Placement Premier Soin for over two years. Originally from Vallée-Jonction, Beauce, Mélissa explains why she chose the private sector and how Placement Premier Soin gave her the “desire to continue nursing.” 

Why did you leave the public system?

Mélissa Gagné

“I worked at the Alphonse Desjardins CSSS until July 2018, in CHSLD’s and emergency rooms. The public system literally wore me out. We were constantly short of resources on my night shifts. The working climate was very difficult. I would get called by my employee number to work overtime. Not by name, by my number! I sorely longed for recognition. I was thinking about leaving everything until a friend told me about the private sector!” 


What did you discover in the private sector?

“Flexibility and recognition! When I started for Placement Premier Soin in October 2018, I had already attempted the experience with another agency. But Placement Premier Soin is something else! They are my favourite agency… I can book the mandates that interest me on an accessible and innovative app. I can arrange my shifts as I like. I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and my holidays. 


I do what I want. I don’t have to answer to managers; I’m not a number. I am called by my name! On my birthday, I even get a phone call to wish me a happy birthday! Unheard of… I’ve never felt so listened to anywhere else I’ve worked.”

In what departments or specialties do you work?

“Over the years, I have specialized in CHSLDs, emergency rooms and medicine. I work shifts in different departments, I have access to continuing training, and I can practise in different specialties. My work is not repetitive or routine, and my practice is not limited. I can really grow professionally!” 

What does it look like in practice?

“Currently, I work in three regions: Gaspé, Quebec City and the Lower St. Lawrence. I can manage my schedule through the app. It’s really well organized, and it’s very easy. I choose a mandate, and they ask me which hotel I would like to go to. When I get there, my hotel is already booked and paid for. I don’t have to take care of anything; I’m really spoiled… Plus, my mileage is paid. If I work further away, it’s by choice!

Final Word

“I’m really happy with Placement Premier Soin! I want to keep on being a nurse. If I work between 60 and 70 hours a week, it’s by choice. It’s not an obligation. I love being outside, seeing people, and being on the road! Working in the private sector has changed my life!

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