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My career, my priority!

For most healthcare professionals, practicing in the public health network means a fractured career punctuated by part-time positions, unattractive shift work (evenings and nights) and difficulty changing department quickly. Choosing to work in an agency means a new world of possibilities that opens you up to a career that’s so much more rewarding!

Agency Career Management Service

While in the public sector, most nurses, licensed practical nurses, PABs, and health and social services assistants are often treated as numbers in a large and multi-dimensional network, the situation is quite different in an agency. At Placement Premier Soin, great attention is paid to your job satisfaction and career management.

From your first interview with our advisors, you’ll be amazed by the family atmosphere that characterizes our team. Everything is done to make you feel comfortable and ensure your first assignments take place under the best possible conditions. That’s why we offer you opportunities that suit your interests while also considering your experience. We make sure your assignments run smoothly by meeting you and asking you questions. In short, our team is dedicated to making every work experience rewarding and beneficial to your career plan.

Personalized follow-up throughout your career

Are there challenges at work? No problem, together we’ll find solutions. We’ll offer you alternative opportunities, support you in learning new techniques, put you in contact with mentors, etc. Our entire team is focused on your needs and expectations!

If you want to change territories or departments, no problem. We’ll quickly meet with you to understand your needs, interests, family and personal situation, etc. At Placement Premier Soin, you’re not just a number but rather, a rare treasure, the cornerstone of our activities!

In short, throughout your agency career, you can rely on the systematic and personalized follow-up of our experienced advisors, from school graduation up to your retirement.

Multiple career opportunities: diversity and stability at your fingertips!

In the public sector, it’s difficult to change teams and departments quickly, but it’s quite different in an agency. You’ll be surprised at our flexibility in offering you diverse opportunities in a multitude of workplaces and departments in most parts of Quebec.

In addition, if you want a more stable career, you can choose to stay in the same territory, in the same health facility, for a very long time. At Placement Premier Soin, we respect who your are, your individuality and your career aspirations, so that you can evolve in a rewarding and beneficial work environment.

You are moving? No problem!

Thanks to our agency’s reach, you can move with peace of mind as we have mandates in most parts of Quebec. And the greatest thing is, you won’t lose your seniority, as you might in the public sector, and you can maintain the working conditions you love.

Imagine being able to accompany your spouse in family travels, without experiencing the stress of trying to find a job in a new community. Our advisors will be able to help and guide you by offering you opportunities that match your interests or assignments that resemble your previous assignments.

At Placement Premier Soin, we make your career path a priority. Working in an agency allows you to enjoy career prospects that meet your expectations, more than in any other work setting!

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