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In the private sector, get more support when integrating into a new practice setting!

When you think about leaving the public sector to work in an agency in the private sector, there are some uncertainties that instantly surface, like the fear of integrating into a new practice environment. At Placement Premier Soin, we understand this very well. That’s why we make available all the necessary resources so that the transition from public to private is made under best possible conditions.

An environment adapted to your interests and experience

One of the important advantages when choosing to work in an agency is the ability to create your own schedule by choosing assignments according to your preferences. To help you choose the best work situation to suit your interests and experience, you always have access to experienced advisors who will take the time to ask you the right questions.

For example, if, after graduating you dream of working in the ICU in order to see a lot of different cases, one of our advisors will develop a career path plan for you by offering you a variety of departments to help you gain the experience necessary to achieve your dream. At Premiere Care, we make it a point for our employees to thrive at work.

Orientation and training: Preparing you for your new challenge!

At the agency, the care staff receives all the necessary guidance in order to grow rapidly and effectively in a new practice environment. Depending on the department in which you’ve chosen to work, you’ll receive one day up to 2 or 3 weeks of orientation to allow you to provide quality care to your patients. This gives you the time you need to adapt to your new work environment, and get to know the team members, facilities, techniques, and procedures, etc.

In addition, we offer our healthcare professionals continuing education programs to increase their knowledge and open new doors so that the work is never routine, allowing you to embark on a true career journey!

Gain access to colleagues already in the practice setting

Would you like to be mentored in your new profession by a colleague already assigned to the same department? At Placement Premier Soin, it’s possible! Our managers often  bridge the gap, enabling new employees to be guided by experienced staff. Through this support, you’ll be able to ask your colleague all the necessary questions about the work environment, the type of clients, etc., without disturbing the team already in place.

In addition, if you want to try it out, we’re here for you. If you currently work in the public sector and want to try the private alternative, we can match you with a healthcare professional who can assist you on your first day of work.

Have access to peer advice

Are you a nurse, nursing assistant, PAB or auxiliary to health and social services, with questions about a particular patient or technique? At Premier Soin, we have dedicated advisors who can support you by giving you the information you need or by referring you to the most appropriate resource, such as your professional Order or the agency’s healthcare staff. In fact, if you request it, you’ll have access to an experienced colleague who can explain a given technique or talk about a particular procedure, etc. With us, you’ll have all the support you need to ensure that you have an optimal work experience.

That’s why we hire “the right people in the right places”. We feel so strongly about our employees’ well-being that, for example, François Boulais, our Director of Human Resources, is first and foremost a highly experienced nurse who understands your situation, your concern for quality of care and your motivation.

At Premier Soin, you’ll discover that our agency’s entire structure, and all of our resources and procedures, revolve around a single objective: the happiness of our employees!

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