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How can I apply?

The process is simple, start by finding the best job for you. Your CV will be analysed by one of our human resources specialist and we will call you very quickly.

What is the offered salary?

The salary depends on the region where you want to work, your experience and which establishment do you want to work in.

Is the salary different depending from a region to the other?

Absolutely, the salary changes depending of the region you choose to work in. Furthermore, it’s higher when go working in remote areas. For the remote areas, the accommodations are covered, and usually, the travelling is refund.

Is it mandatory to work on weekends?

We aren’t asking availabilities on weekends. But we are always receiving a lot of requests for the weekends. If you want to work more, we recommend to you to be available sometimes on weekends. More importantly, if you would like to be eligible for long term replacement, it’s important to be flexible and give some availabilities on weekends.

Do you require a minimum availability per week?

We do not require a minimum availability. The more you’re available, the more you will work. You can choose your days off.

Which kind of institution do you received requests?

We are receiving requests from everywhere but mostly from hospitals, CHSLD and CLSC.

Is it possible to work full time?

Yes, we have a lot of request from different clients and it is easy to give full time job. It is also frequent that clients ask for full time replacement, including fix schedules and months of confirmations in advance.

Are there any guaranteed hours per week?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee hours per week.

Is there a training before our first assignment in an establishment?

Yes, most of our client require a training before your first assignment to be sure that you will be able to respond to the needs of every patients.

Is there any mandatory extra time?

Depending of your profession, there is a possibility that you must do some mandatory extra time, as mentioned in your code of ethics. On the other hand, unlike an employee of the health care system, there are several ways to have to do a minimum of mandatory extra time.

Do you offer social advantages to your employees?

Yes, there is the possibility for the employees to join a pension saving program, in partnership with our partner, Manuvie. Unfortunately, we do not offer any collective insurances plan. We have probed our employees to know if that was important to them, knowing there will be significative impact on their pay, as the cost of this kind of collective insurance is generally elevated. Our employees firmly told us that they don’t want to pay for insurances. Being a business that listens to their employees, we went with their decisions.

Is there an exclusivity clause when working with you?

We do not have any exclusivity clause. Our employees have the right to work for who they want. Unfortunately, some of our clients refuse that an employee work for more than one agency at the same time, so the employee must choose for who they want to work with.

Do you offer some trainings?

We do offer many training programs. Inform yourself with your recruitment agent to know when the next training is available.

Are there bonuses (for night, evening and weekend shifts)?

We do not offer bonuses for the moment. The philosophy that we have is to offer the highest salary possible to our employees at all time. Some of our competitors offers bonuses for the evening, nights and weekends that are, for us, dishonest. The way the contract between all the agencies and the government is made, the agencies invoice the same rate, no matter the moment of the day. They could, like we do, pay the maximum to their employees at all time.

Is there salary increases or wage scale and after how much time?

For the moment there is no wage scale. The salary depends of the emplacement you work, but we offer the best possible salary from the beginning. We work hard to give you the best working conditions and adjust the salary of the employees when there’s a new contract signed with our clients.

Are we welcome in the establishment?

The gratitude of agencies workers in the health care system really changed. Years ago, we heard that some establishments were outraged to work with agencies worker and express it to the employees of the agency. Fortunately, this time is over. Today, when you arrive at the workplace, the employees know you are there to help them. They are now aware that, thanks to you, they will be able to give a good service to their patients et show a lot of gratitude to the employees that are there to help them.

Is there the possibility to be hired by a client?

There are no restrictions about this subject. We are aware that there is many reasons why an employee can decide to accept a proposition from one of our client. We don’t penalise our employee for this choice. We only ask that our employees complete the shifts that were confirmed with us.

How many employees do we have?

The data changes a lot in the time, it is not possible to give an exact number. On the other hand, we can confirm that we have employees in every Quebec region and also elsewhere in Canada.

Is it mandatory to always give the same availability?

You have no obligation to give the same availabilities. We have an electronic platform available on a computer or a smart phone, at all time, that let you update your availability instantly.

Are there any requests for vaccination or clinical services?

Yes. Depending of the moment of the year, the needs in those departments are numerous.

Can we take vacations ?

Labour standards requires that when you are working, you cumulate 4% for vacations per shift in a period starting Mai 1st and ending on April 30th. After April 30th, you can ask for the cumulated amount for your vacations. At all time, you can take unpaid vacations We only ask to not cancel any shifts that were previously accepted.

Do you offer replacements ?

We have a lot of requests from our clients for replacements, either for short, medium and long term. You have the possibility to choose the replacement you like.


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