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tips to avoid fall blues

7 tips to avoid the fall blues

Autumn is here, winter is not far away… This time of year is synonymous…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-11-05
work-family balance

9 Tips for Successful Work-Family Balance

Working in health care is not always easy. The challenge of balancing work and…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-10-05
occupational health and safety premier soin

Placement Premier Soin’s Occupational Health and Safety Department: getting even closer to its resources

In order to better follow up with its resources and set up new projects,…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-10-05
nursing burnout

Recognizing nursing burnout

Though stress is part of the reality for healthcare professionals, investing in your work…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-10-05
top 2021 food trends

Top 10 Food Trends that will mark 2021

Looking for the latest food trends? The year 2020 has been marked by significant…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-06-28
Bike Circuits in Quebec

11 bike circuits for great hikes in Quebec

Searching for bike circuits in Quebec? Good weather is back! Nothing better to break…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-05-31
Sleep and flextime: 9 apps for better sleep

Sleep and flextime: 9 apps for better sleep

Did you know that there are apps to help you sleep better and deal…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-14
5 tips to help you choose the right bike

5 tips to help you choose the right bike

Spring is here, it’s time to get out the bikes and enjoy the nice…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-14
revive the couple

Valentine's Day: Tips from a psychologist to revive couple in 2021

Between your family obligations, your work as a health care professional and the current…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
healthy cold lunch recipes

10 easy-to-make healthy cold lunch recipes

Looking for healthy cold lunch recipes? As a healthcare professional, you know better than…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06
fitness exercises at home

Fitness at home: 12 exercises recommended by a kinesiologist

Are you looking for fitness exercises to lose the pounds you put on over…

Erasmienne Tambou 2021-04-06