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portrait d'infirmière

Portrait of a nurse from Placement Premier Soin

Mélissa Gagné, a Happy and Fulfilled Nurse! This month, we met with Mélissa Gagné,…

Lyna Carpentier 2021-08-17
rentrée scolaire

What can you do with a nursing degree in Canada ?

The beauty of a nursing diploma is that it can open many doors. Being...

Melissa 2021-08-12
emplois en soins infirmiers

Nursing to Another Career: What Can You Do?

The nursing trade is recognized as a noble profession; however, the responsibilities that come...

Melissa 2021-08-12
femme medecin en pleine communication avec son patient

What skills do I need to be a nurse

Asking questions about the workplace is a phase many people go through. Here you’ll...

Melissa 2021-08-12
carrière en soins

My career, my priority!

For most healthcare professionals, practicing in the public health network means a fractured career…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
carrière en santé professionnels

Why choose Placement Premier Soin to boost your healthcare career?

During the past 10 years, Placement Premier Soin has risen to the top of…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
René Gerard, Placement Premier Soin

In the private sector, get more support when integrating into a new practice setting!

When you think about leaving the public sector to work in an agency in…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28

Can I work in an agency if I already work in the public sector?

Do you have a part-time job in the healthcare network? Are you tired of…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
emplois en soins infirmiers

Schedule management: Much easier in the private sector!

Working conditions for healthcare workers in the public sector are often criticized in the…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
travailler au privé

Work in the private sector: nothing but advantages!

Today, working as a nurse in the healthcare system is becoming more and more…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
agence de placement soins infirmiers

The advantages of working for an agency compared to the problems of the public system

The benefits of working as health professionals in agencies are very numerous. In the…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-28
travailler en agence

Work in an agency to combat routine and live life to the fullest!

Whether it’s public or private, more and more healthcare institutions are using employment agencies…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-16
agence de placement infirmier

The various areas of practice in a private agency

While the nursing profession offers many career opportunities in terms of specialties, other nursing…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-16
professions en santé

Understanding the various professions in the health sector

Despite what you might hear in the press, a career in the health field…

Lyna Carpentier 2019-05-16