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Can I work in an agency if I already work in the public sector?

Do you have a part-time job in the healthcare network? Are you tired of the bad, oppressive conditions of the public sector? Do you want to return to the job market as a retiree? Do you want to try the experience of working in an agency? Whether you’re a nurse, nursing assistant, PAB or auxiliary worker to health and social services, at Placement Premier Soin, we welcome you with open arms!

For those who work part time, fill up your schedule full time!

In an agency, there are several options to fill up your part-time schedule. If you work in the public network, you can practice in the same region in a private health facility, such as a private residential centre, a private clinic, a private home centre, etc. You also have the opportunity to work in a public health facility in an area adjacent to your current CISSS or CIUSSS.

For example, let’s say you live in Laval and work for CISSS Laval as a part-time nursing assistant three nights a week. You can choose an assignment two days a week in Montreal or the Laurentians in a public health facility. You can also decide to work from home for a private client in Laval just steps from your home.

When you meet with one of our advisors, they will be able to guide you and propose various options that reflect your interests and years of experience.

Try it out: there’s nothing easier!

When you decide to try agency work at Placement Premier Care, everything is arranged to make your life easier. First, an advisor will check your criminal record and quickly schedule an interview. They can propose various assignments according to your availability and taking into account your preferences in work environment, department, shift, and your personal and family situation.

Unlike in the public network that imposes positions on a department, in an agency you have the freedom to make informed choices that suit your lifestyle.

Before trying it out, we can refer you to an experienced employee who will share their point of view and the reasons why they decided to work in an agency. In addition, during your trial run, you can be paired with an agency employee already working in your chosen environment that will facilitate your integration; they can also answer your questions. Importantly, at Placement Premier Soin, a genuine team and family atmosphere help ensure the well-being of our committed caregivers.

Retired health professionals are welcome!

Have you retired from the public network and would like to return to work a few hours a week at a facility or centre where you’ll be recognized and appreciated? At Placement Premier Soin, you’ll be in good hands. We’ll take the time to evaluate together the most appropriate workplace for you to rediscover work that has true meaning.

In short, the vast majority of healthcare staff who try the agency experience leave the public network because it allows them to reconnect with the key reasons for their career choice: wanting to help patients regain their health. They discover healthy workplaces where their work is valued and recognized. In addition, for many, freedom makes all the difference: the freedom to choose their department, shift, and a schedule perfectly suited to their family and personal life.

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