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We have received your application!

Thank you for choosing Placement Premier Soin for your next adventure. One of our human resources specialist will call your very soon.

Three small steps remaining before starting your journey with us

Since the first step of our recruiting process was already made, these are the three remaining steps before you receive your first job opportunity.


Phone call

During this call, you will be able to discuss the preferences indicated in your application form and confirm your choices. This first exchange will also establish a first contact and give you the opportunity to ask your questions!


Meeting with one of our recruiters

The third step will be to meet a member of our team to finalize the recruitment process.

Recevez vos premières opportunités d’emploi

Get your first job opportunities

Once the meeting is over, it will be the beginning of a great adventure with Placement Premier Soin! You will receive healthcare job offers that match your profile, your availability and your criteria for employment in different healthcare networks and you select the ones that interest you!