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Social Work Jobs in Montreal

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Looking for Social Work Jobs in Montreal? Look No Further

Perhaps you are thinking of changing careers and becoming a social worker. Social work is an excellent option for someone looking to bring deeper meaning and purpose into their professional lives. However you have come to your decision, you should know that we can help you find safe and meaningful social work jobs in the city of Montreal.


How do I become a social worker in Montreal?

Many people travel the world in pursuit of their professional aspirations. Whether or not you live in Montreal today one thing is for sure: there are plenty of social work jobs in the city. Social work jobs in Montreal give you a chance to directly help people everyday. It’s a unique role. Becoming a social worker in Montreal requires that you go through a three step process.

1. Training

In order to work in the public sector as a social worker, you need to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work. You may also choose to specialize in social work as part of vocational training in CEGEP. This would allow you to work privately, but without a university degree you will not be able to become an accredited social worker, and therefore you won’t be able to work in public hospitals, clinics, shelters, and other public health facilities. Social work programs are available at universities across the province of Quebec, including McGill.

2. Register

After training, you need to register with the OTSTCFQ, “Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec”.

3. Applying for jobs

There are plenty of social work jobs in the city of Montreal. Once you have found the job that suits you, do not hesitate to apply.

How to find social work jobs in Montreal ?

There are several ways to find work as a social worker in Montreal. Here is a brief overview of the most common ways to locate meaningful work in the city:

Job boards

You can browse general job board sites like, for example. There you will find plenty of postings that, if you have the required training, you may be eligible for. The benefit to applying for social work jobs in Montreal on job sites is that you can access a lot of workplace opportunities for free. The downside is that because they are so popular the hiring organization receives so many applicants. That means your profile is not likely to stand out from the pack.


You may have a friend or family member that already works in the healthcare industry. If so, you are at a real advantage. They may know a hospital or clinic that is hiring a social worker, and if they can give a good word for you then you may be able to launch your application to the front of the queue, ahead of all the anonymous applicants from job sites.

Placement agencies

A third, and most advantageous, way to find work as a social worker in Montreal is through a professional placement agency like us. When you work with a job placement agency, you are tapping into a vast network of employment opportunities that the placement agency maintains with hospitals, clinics, and other public and private healthcare institutions across the city.

You can also balance work commitments with your studies to capture the best of both worlds. But the best part is that you have a partner in your job search, helping find the best job to suit your skill set, experience, and preferences.

Advantages of working with a placement agency

Not all social work jobs in Montreal are created equal. The professional advantages to working with Premier Soin are:

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work schedules (part-time or full-time – you choose!)
  • Work for multiple employers at a time (you can optimize your schedule however you’d like)
  • Interesting work opportunities aligned with your career aspirations and work-family balance


We are committed to your well-being

When you apply to Premier Soin, you are joining a large network of healthcare professionals that are fulfilling their career aspirations by using the resources and support we provide. If you have any questions before applying, you can consult our FAQ’s page or reach us by phone at 1 877-822-9077.