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Looking for a Nursing Job in Montreal? Look No Further

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Placement Premier Soin

Are you a trained nurse looking for work in Montreal? Or perhaps you are seeking a career change and are wondering what training and accreditation is needed to become a registered nurse in the province of Quebec?

Nursing is a rewarding profession that comes with many benefits, including a competitive salary and job stability. Nursing and health-care related professionals are also in high demand – there are plenty of quality nursing jobs in Montreal available to qualified candidates. However, there is a wide range of specializations within the nursing field, and it can be difficult for employees like you to find employers that will help you achieve your professional aspirations.


How to become a registered nurse?

In order to get hired as a nurse in Montreal, you first need to go through the training and qualification process administered by the province of Quebec.

The OIIQ “Ordres des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec” is the professional order which all nurses, or aspiring nurses, in the province must be a member of. They have also published a detailed description of the steps involved in becoming a registered nurse, a process that has the following steps:

  • Training
  • Register
  • Apply for jobs

Read the full guide on the OIIQ’s website.

How to find nursing jobs in Montreal?

There are plenty of nurse jobs available on the island of Montreal and surrounding areas. Nursing jobs are available in both the public and private sector. There are opportunities in healthcare sectors such as publicly-funded hospitals, CLSCs, and other public health organizations.

There are also openings in private hospitals and clinics. Registered nurses have access to both. The only question is: how do you find the best employment opportunities for your specific needs? When looking for registered nurse jobs in Montreal there are three general approaches:

Job boards

Like any other type of employment, a wide range of nursing jobs in Montreal are posted on internet job boards. There you will find plenty of offerings that you may be eligible for and able to get. The benefit of using an internet job board is that you can access a huge range of nurse jobs in Montreal immediately.

The downside is that getting hired from a job board is rare because of the competition that comes from many qualified candidates applying for a few positions. For newcomers to the industry it is especially difficult to find safe, high-quality, meaningful employment from public job boards.


Getting hired through a referral is another option, but it is not available to everyone. Referrals only work if you have contacts in the healthcare industry that can recommend you for an open position. If you are recently trained and have yet to gain work experience, finding a nursing job in Montreal through a referral is difficult. That is why referrals are really only an option for nurses that have made some personal contacts in the industry through work experience.

Placement agencies

A third way to find nursing jobs in Montreal is to collaborate with a placement agency. Placement agencies like Placement Premier Soin play an intermediary role between the employer and the employee. Private health care institutions partner with placement agencies to help them find qualified candidates.

Registered nurses partner with placement agencies to help them get direct access to quality employment opportunities. It’s the best of both worlds for nurses who do not have time or energy to go through anonymous job boards or try to find work through their personal network of contacts.

Advantages of working with a placement agency

Placement Premier Soin has nearly 20 years experience in connecting healthcare professionals in the nursing sector with stimulating and fulfilling employment opportunities. When you choose to partner with us, you gain access to a range of benefits.

  • Guaranteed competitive salary
  • Build your own schedule
  • Change your availability anytime
  • Work for multiple employers at a time
  • Find jobs aligned with your specialization

We have job opportunities for nurses across all the major specializations, including in intensive care, operating room nurses, nurse midwife, oncology nurse, geriatric nurse, and more.


To be eligible for the range of nursing jobs in Montreal we have available, nurses or nurse assistants must be able to show the following:

  • An OIIQ membership number
  • Minimum 1 year experience working in a hospital


We are committed to your well-being

We know that nursing can be a demanding job. That’s why we strive for the utmost in integrity and quality care between our partner employers and you, our partner nursing professionals. There is nothing we take more seriously than your health and well-being.

To learn more about our policies please consult our FAQ page or contact us by phone at 1 877-822-9070. We look forward to working with you!