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5 tips to help you choose the right bike

Spring is here, it’s time to get out the bikes and enjoy the nice weather! Whether it’s to go to work, to run errands, to keep or regain your figure, to go for a ride with your family, to go for a hike in the countryside or in the mountains, every opportunity is good to ride a bike. Moreover, it is excellent for your physical and mental well-being. But how do you choose the right bike for your needs?

According to Vélo Québec, there is a marked increase in bicycle sales this year and we are already in a shortage. So, hurry up and discover our 5 tips to buy the bike that suits your needs.


1. How do you plan to use your bike?

Choosing the right bike depends on how you want to use it. Is it for occasional trips around town, in your neighbourhood, for short or long distances? To get to work every day? For family outings on the weekends? For hikes in the mountains? Will part of the trip be done by public transportation? Will you have to transport a child? 

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you can choose the right bike for the job.


2. Determine the type of bike

There are several types of bicycles. This can be confusing when you are not familiar with them. In addition, there are differences between women’s bikes and men’s bikes. Women’s bikes have smaller wrists and the seat is shorter and wider to accommodate the pelvis. Here are the main types of bikes and their characteristics.

Hybrid or urban bike

This is the most common type of bike. It’s perfect for getting to work, riding on beautiful bike paths or walking around town. It is comfortable and perfect for easy rides. Usually with straight handlebars, it allows you to keep your back straight.

It’s also a great choice if you’re just starting to ride or if you haven’t ridden in a while. It is possible to install a mudguard or a luggage rack.

Road bike

If you are looking for performance or are planning to ride for medium to long distances, a road bike is what you need. It has curved handlebars, which allows you to change your hand and body position for better comfort on long rides.

All-terrain bike (ATV)

Looking for a thrill? Do you want to ride on rough or mountainous trails or jump over obstacles? Go for a mountain bike. It’s rugged and strong, with large wheels and suspension that grips the terrain and absorbs shocks. There are several types.

Don’t hesitate to refer to this guide from Vélo Québec to choose the right bike.


3. Choose the right size

Now that you know what type of bike is right for you, for your safety and comfort, you need to determine the right size. It should be noted that sizes are not equivalent from one type of bike to another. 

To help you choose the right bike size for you and your family, use this bike size calculator.


4. Do not forget the accessories

You’re almost ready for the adventure with a nice and comfortable bike. Now you need to think about the accessories.

  • Helmets: We can’t say it enough, even if you’re “only” riding your bike for a short distance, you still need to wear a helmet to ensure your safety. Just because you don’t ride long distances doesn’t mean you’re safe from a nasty fall or other accident.
  • Glasses to protect your eyes from wind, sun and branches.
  • If necessary, adapted clothing: shorts, undershirt.
  • Shoes: as rigid as possible to limit energy loss.
  • Bike trailers and baby carriers to take the kids on all your adventures.

Bike helmet

5. Don’t forget to ask for advice from specialized stores

Choosing the right bike may seem complicated, but in reality, once you know how you want to use it, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from professionals in specialized stores. You will get detailed explanations to help you make your choice.

Here are some specialized stores:

City of Montreal: Vélo Montréal, Cycle Anjou, Bicycles Quilicot, Allo Vélo, SOS Vélo

Quebec City: Le Pédalier, Lessard Bicycles, Fournel Bicycles, Mathieu Performance.

Some sell both new and used bikes.

Take advantage of the beautiful season to ride through the streets of your neighborhood or to discover the magnificent landscapes of Quebec by bike, alone, with your partner or with your family. Think about your safety and that of your family by making sure that everyone wears a helmet during your outings.